“A person is only limited by the thoughts that he chooses”

James Allen


“I got thoughts can’t control, got me down got me low” J. Cole. Even though you may not have complete control of your thoughts, I want to tell you about a super power that you may not be aware of or may be cliché to you. This power I’m speaking of is the ability to choose your thoughts. You’re probably thinking ‘ummm isn’t this common knowledge’. As common as it may seem most aren’t aware of this ability and let their thoughts run wild unintentionally.


The ability to choose your thoughts isn’t as simple as selecting whatever thought you want to come into your mind. Rather it is a state of awareness to where you can observe your thoughts and then shift your thoughts in a direction of your liking. Let’s be honest we think about a million different things in a day. The simplest conversation can spark thoughts, scrolling through Instagram can cause a myriad of thoughts, even listening to our favorite songs will set thoughts across our mind like wildfire. That’s perfectly ok the objective is to become aware. Also don’t fret if you come across a negative thought or two because one positive thought is 10 times more powerful.


Now that you are equipped and ready to change things, I want you to keep these three words my brother Tyler Capel says in mind. “You are capable”. By embracing what you read today you will be able to accomplish anything that you shift your thoughts towards. Exciting right….now go exercise your super power!


Henri Allgood